The Board of the NHS Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Cluster agreed the Better Healthcare in Bucks (BHIB) proposals which were the subject of public consultation between January 16 and April 16 this year.  In particular, the Board agreed the following recommendations:

  • In the light of majority support for the BHIB proposals, they are accepted by the Cluster Board. 
  • In the light of concerns expressed during the consultation phase and subsequently, plans are developed for a 24/7 urgent care service at Wycombe Hospital.
  • In the light of existing concerns and those expressed during the consultation, work continues to improve transport options and the provision of information for patients and the public (in co-operation with partners).
  • NHS partners should continue to work with the Buckinghamshire Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee as plans are developed and implemented and outcomes and performance measured.

For more information read the Cluster Board paper end of consultation report, our press release and the independent BHiB Consultation Report (by Verve Communications). You may also wish to download the Benefits plan.

“I agree with this, as you as a patient want the best care possible”.

Participant, Buckingham